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Scale Your Enterprise Analytics Productivity with Confidence

Deliver healthcare data, analytics, and insights at the speed of change with our enterprise-grade platform.

Data and Analytics Platform

End-to-end technology integrated and administered by one vendor partner
An extensible, enterprise-wide data model optimized for healthcare organizations
Self-service data science and reporting optimized for healthcare
Expert services to curate healthcare data and build actionable analytics

Make Better Business Decisions with Data You Can Trust

Shorten Analytics Lifecycles

  • Eliminate redundant data processing across analyses by curating enterprise-wide data into a unified data model.
  • Reuse measures, populations, and models across analyses with a library of analytics enrichments.
shorten analytics lifecycles outcomes

Strengthen Analytics Accuracy

  • Generate accurate analytic outputs with data quality and data governance tools.
  • Accurately interpret analytics with self-service data science for analysts and leaders.
strengthen analytics accuracy

Increase Analytics Usage Through Self-Service

  • Enable users to easily analyze performance and performance drivers with self-service dashboards.
  • Empower users to easily explore and define populations with self-service reporting.
increase analytics usage self service

Future-Proof the Analytics Engine

  • Eliminate analytic deficiencies and disruptions with Health Catalyst’s integration of new technologies.
  • Enable current and future analyses with an enterprise-wide data model that is extensible.
future proof analytics performance
Data & Analytics Platform

Products & Services

data analytics

Data Acquisition

  • Source Mart Designer
    Extract and load data with 300+ source connectors and FHIR, CCDA, HL7v2, and 837 files.
  • Instant Data Entry Application (IDEA)
    Reduce “spreadmarts” by centralizing key data not captured in your source systems.
metadata management v2

Metadata Management

  • Atlas Data Governance
    Discover data and analytics in the platform and visualization data lineage.
  • Value Set Builder
    Customize standard value sets or author new value sets.
  • Terminology Map Manager
    Normalize source data with industry-standard code sets.
analytics development

Analytics Development and Presentation

  • Subject Area Mart (SAM) Designer
    Create analytics-friendly data marts in less time with simple SQL code.
  • Healthcare.AI™
    Enable self-service data science within business intelligence (BI) applications.
  • Pop Analyzer
    Explore patient populations with self-service drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Pop Insights
    Discover and share performance insights with self-service dashboards.
orchestration v2


  • Operations Console
    Create and optimize ETL jobs, gain visibility into ETL processes, and proactively resolve problems with advanced diagnostics.
expert services

Expert Data Services

Extract, load, and transform enterprise-wide data into the Health Catalyst unified data model (including deduplication of patient records).

Expert Analytics Services

Build custom analytics and/or implement over 20 analytics accelerators aimed at targeted improvement opportunities for enterprise healthcare organizations.

Success Stories

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Organizations

More than $33M

in positive margin impact by expense reduction and more hospital in/outpatient revenue

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allina health case study 33m

90% reduction

in analyst time, freeing up time for more meaningful improvement activities

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orlando health case study

Our data and analytics technology and professional services helped clients realize $1.5 billion in validated measurable improvements.

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